Firmware V5.14.69

April 10th, 2024

- Fixed: lights may suddenly turn to MAX brightness while on another runtime setting.
- Fixed: occasional short blackout of PLUTO
- Fixed: occasional reboot of BTB lights (can cause short blackout)
- Fixed: Wi-Fi can't connect in some scenarios for ART7-WIFI

Firmware V5.14.64

Jan 29th, 2024

- Fixed: Leo Fresnel drains battery even while connected to AC

Firmware V5.14.61

Jan 26th, 2024

- Added: additional highlighting features, including the ability to choose highlight colors and highlight based on sound
- Added: new DMX profiles with CCT crossfade to RGB
- Added: new DMX profiles with fan control
- Added: support for new white remote, ARC3
- Fixed: DMX effect modes do not work on wired DMX for PB15
- Fixed: OLED doesn't dim down after 30 seconds.
- Fixed: Bluetooth bonding did not remember more than one connections, on BTB lights and ART7-WIFI, now 8 are remembered.
- Fixed: Hyperion restarts when doing layer effect in some cases
- Fixed: theft alarm triggers for no reason on newer BTB lights
- Fixed: Hydra draws too much power on PB2X86
- Fixed: Wi-Fi connection LED for ART7 was previously activated whenever any Wi-Fi client connected, instead of when the App connected.
- Fixed: default setting for PWM frequency was not applied when doing RESET SETTINGS
- Fixed: firmware update is experiencing issues in certain instances
- Fixed: spurious PWM Driver errors
- Fixed: background update could not handle large update files

Firmware V5.14.24

May 23th, 2023

- Added: RDM over CRMX
- Fixed: sometimes BTB lights could not receive a firmware update properly
- Fixed: NYX DC input is now showing correctly in the App again
- Fixed: lights cannot be moved to a new radio pin while in DMX mode
- Fixed: holding down the powerbutton to poweron no longer resets the lights
- Fixed: unstable brightness in 20h mode on Pluto
- Fixed: charging stopped by over temperature issue on ART7WIFI

Firmware V5.14.16

April 21th, 2023

- Added: Loads calibration even in problematic cases
- Fixed: Rare issue of lights getting totally stuck
- Fixed: Holding + or - buttons on keypad stops again where it should
- Fixed: incorrect screen flip on some devices

Firmware V5.12.97

Okt 10th, 2022

- Fixed: occasional OLED blackout during charging.
- Fixed: occasianal pixel flicker in Hyperion BTB.

Firmware V5.12.96

August 30th, 2022

- Added: combined Hydras now share effects and auto DMX address
- Added: "DMX Tester" for ART7 now works
- Fixed: occasional black flicker after CRMX2 update.
- Fixed: logfile download into app works again.

Firmware V5.12.90

July 6th, 2022

- Fixed: Link by LINK KEY now works as expected, both on ART7 and on lights
- Fixed: Link by LINK KEY sets INPUT SELECT when triggered by App
- Fixed: Fix a 2nd cause for CRMX white flashes on BTB lights

Firmware V5.12.88

June 30th, 2022

- Fixed: memory leak in faster list of lights
- Fixed: AX2 unstable brightness in cyan
- Fixed: AX2 UI frozen issue
- Fixed: charger clicking noise in Hyperion BTB
- Fixed: Hydra ControlSync freeze issue
- Fixed: AX9 charging contacts are working again

Firmware V5.12.85

June 6th, 2022

- Added: HyperionBTB support
- Added: N32 support for PB15
- Added: N32 support for AX5BTB
- Added: faster list of lights support
- Fixed: app connection bug of 5.12.67

Firmware V5.12.67

May 25th, 2022

- Added: CRMX2 support
- Added: option to revert back to old firmware by holding power button 15s during start for BTB lights
- Added: RF Region can now be displayed and changed in the RADIO PIN menu
- Added: support for alternative component N32 for BTB lights
- Added: we can now detect other systems running the same RADIO PIN
- Added: move lights to new radio pin
- Improved: shelf battery life for BTB lights
- Fixed: runtime in >15h is now correct for AX2, AX9, PB15
- Fixed: standby bug of 5.11.26
- Fixed: flicker on tubes in certain conditions (DMX)
- Fixed: flicker when DMX FAIL is used
- Fixed: freeze in XY DMX modes
- Fixed: CRMX2 Universe name not read in ART7 RX mode
- Fixed: Alarm message is shown even when fixture number is on the screen in large letters
- Fixed: lights rebooting after leaving standby mode

Firmware V5.11.26

December 16th, 2021

- Fixed: BTB tubes can now work on any wired DMX address without loosing channels

Firmware V5.11.25

December 9th, 2021

- Fixed: BTB lights now support the Onboard lights assistant
- Fixed: sometimes the light name was deleted after updating to 5.11.21
- Fixed: random crash in ART7 during the log file download

Firmware V5.11.21

November 21th, 2021

- Fixed: Sometimes firmware update does not install.
- Fixed: BTB lights can now set the fixture number in batch mode.

Firmware V5.11.20

November 05th, 2021

- Fixed: laggy menu when in CRMX mode but no input is present.
- Fixed: AX2 CRMX to XLR works now properly.
- Fixed: NYX Fixture Number can be edited with the powerstation.

Firmware V5.11.15

October 04th, 2021

- Added: fixture number is shown in large letters and can be changed on the light.

Firmware V5.11.14

September 20th, 2021

- Fixed: fixture name not saved.
- Fixed: CRMX actions its called "linked" now.

Firmware V5.11.12

September 19th, 2021

- Fixed: BTB lights rebooting sometimes on RESET SETTINGS
- Added: logfile download to the App

Firmware V5.10.23

September 08th, 2021

- Fixed: Effect mode DMX profiles are now working for NYX bulb

Firmware V5.10.22

August 30th, 2021

- Fixed: Titan-BTB loads calibration always now
- Fixed: removed random color-flicker on AX3 and AX7

Firmware V5.10.21

August 17th, 2021

- Added: turn a light by 180° from the menu
- Added: name of the light is now shown at the lights control panel
- Added: a fixture name can be assigned to the light
- Fixed: incorrect RDM profiles reported for AX5

Firmware V5.9.67

July 12th, 2021

- Added: bluetooth icon now shown in display
- Fixed: bluetooth master stops the UHF network latest after 5 minutes
- Fixed: ship mode is working for new products
- Fixed: small time delay between bluetooth master and other lights
- Added: support for new accelerometer types
- Fixed: AX9 does not charge properly in the charging station
- Fixed: 4xPB15 does not charge properly on a 15m cable
- Fixed: calculation error in HSI algorithm
- Fixed: many smaller stability issue for NYX bulb (updated SDK)
- New: option to stop charging at 80%, needed internally for Astera
- First internal release for upcoming products with Bluetooth

Firmware V5.9.33 for NYX

April 8th, 2021

- Fixed: master pin is always correctly saved
- Fixed: CRMX sometimes did not start after power on
- Fixed: NYX new reliably starts the CRMX while no ART7 is present and INPUT SELECT is set to CRMX

Firmware V5.9.20

March 14th, 2021

- Fixed: PROFILE BY NUM inputs are now always saved
- Fixed: AX2 now displays the auto DMX patching correctly
- Fixed: NYX connects by bluetooth correctly on every try
- Added: sensor mode of AX7 can now be set

Firmware V5.9.19

Feb 11th, 2021

- New: support for new LED driver chips

Firmware V5.9.18

Jan 19th, 2021

- Fixed: AC FAIL = POWEROFF works correctly again for the lights
- Fixed: AC FAIL = POWEROFF does no longer power off the ART7
- Added: AX2 auto-configuration by IR communication
- Fixed: flash happening sometimes in Knight-Rider effect

Firmware V5.9.17

Nov 26th, 2020

- New: Bluetooth support for NYX bulb
- Fixed: sometimes NYX was slightly flickering on AC
- Fixed: colors are much more accurate for NYX bulb

Firmware V5.8.68

Oct 6th, 2020

- Fixed: ONE PIXEL in layers works again
- Fixed: spurious corrupted RF commands
- Fixed: reference voltage error on startup
- Fixed: configuration error on startup
- Fixed: RF and/or motion sensor stopped working after long time
- New: AX2 PixelBar is now supported

Firmware V5.8.64

Sept 8th, 2020

- New: fast startup of lights
- Fixed: profile 137 was missing the strobe
- Fixed: NXY was flickering in certain slow fades
- New: NXY Powerstation battery level now shown in App and tracked more accurately
- Fixed: NXY rebooting when changing STANDALONE PROGRAMs
- Fixed: incorrect layer effects display on lights with one pixel
- New: DMX profiles can now be selected by their number
- Fixed: RGB values are now correct for profile DIM CCT GM CRO RGB