Firmware V5.9.33 for NYX

April 8th, 2021

- Fixed: master pin is always correctly changed
- Fixed: CRMX sometimes did not start after power on
- Fixed: NYX new reliably starts the CRMX while no ART7 is present and INPUT SELECT is set to CRMX
- Fixed: NYX connects by bluetooth correctly on every try

Firmware V5.9.17 for NYX

Nov 26th, 2020

- New: bluetooth support for NYX bulb

Firmware V5.8.69 for NYX

Nov 16th, 2020

- Fixed: sometimes NYX was slightly flickering on AC
- Fixed: colors are much more accurate for NYX bulb

Firmware V5.8.68

Oct 6th, 2020

- Fixed: ONE PIXEL in layers works again
- Fixed: spurious corrupted RF commands
- Fixed: reference voltage error on startup
- Fixed: configuration error on startup
- Fixed: RF and/or motion sensor stopped working after long time
- New: AX2 PixelBar is now supported

Firmware V5.8.64

Sept 8th, 2020

- New: fast startup of lights
- Fixed: profile 137 was missing the strobe
- Fixed: NXY was flickering in certain slow fades
- New: NXY Powerstation battery level now shown in App and tracked more accurately
- Fixed: NXY rebooting when changing STANDALONE PROGRAMs
- Fixed: incorrect layer effects display on lights with one pixel
- New: DMX profiles can now be selected by their number
- Fixed: RGB values are now correct for profile DIM CCT GM CRO RGB

Firmware V5.8.51 for NYX

- fixed: NYX programs were out of sync to other lights
- fixed: NYX default light name was incorrect
- fixed: NYX Powerstation updates while light is powered off

Firmware V5.8.47 for NYX

July 23th, 2020

- fixed: replies to the App are working reliable again

Firmware V5.8.46 for NYX

- fixed: random restarts
- fixed: loss of app control during standby or CRMX
- fixed: synchronization between several lights
- fixed: random interruption of App control
- fixed: output stuck for 300ms sometimes
- fixed: improper startup while in standby mode
- fixed: lights UUID is now correct; for a moment duplicates of all lights will appear in the list of lights
- fixed: temperature feedback for crystal deviation is now working
- fixed: battery capacity was assumed too high
- fixed: light no longer latches to APP CONTROL if standby mode is entered

Firmware V5.8.44 for NYX

June 26th, 2020

- fixed: replies to the App are working reliable again