Firmware V1.14

Indication: one orange and two green flashes on power-up
Nov 23rd, 2020

- Fixed: sACN ignores frames with startcode not equal to 0
- Improved: Firmware version is displayed in the web interface

Firmware V1.12

Indication: two blue flashes on power-up
Jan 17th, 2020

- Fixed: DMX XLR input lost frames when used with certain desks like Avolites Quatz
- Fixed: DMX XLR input dropped too many frames if the framerate of the source was too high
- Fixed: DMX XLR input did not work with some very basic fader desks
- Improved: ArtNet broadcasts can now be handled up to 24 universes in most cases

Firmware V1.10

Indication: none
Jan 16th, 2019

- Added: universe number can be set with the button: hold it until the LED starts blinking

Firmware V1.9

Indication: none
Oct 17th, 2018

Initial version